Practically Parenting Our Equals: Discipline

Truth As I said in the introductory post to this series, because we believe that our children are on their own individual journeys with God, we do not punish them. In a way, parents prepare their children for relationship with God – children who had very terrible relationships with their fathers, for example, often struggleContinue reading “Practically Parenting Our Equals: Discipline”

Practically Parenting Our Equals: Settling In

This introductory post is part of the series inspired by the reader request: I’d love for you to write about the practical working out of viewing your children as equals. Perhaps even a contrast from how you parented before!  Disclaimer The first question you might have if you’re reading this to get ideas for your ownContinue reading “Practically Parenting Our Equals: Settling In”

Follow the Leader

Last week I wrote about the main difference between complementarian and egalitarian marriages. I ended with a question – if no one is in charge, how do hard decisions get made? Somewhere along the way Christians started using terms like leader and follower to describe how marriages should work (though I cannot find this terminology for marriageContinue reading “Follow the Leader”