Of Children and Monsters

Something special happened last night at bedtime. My son Iz, who is nearly 6, is terrified of werewolves. He’s afraid to go to any part of the house by himself after the sun goes down because he’s worried that there will be werewolves. And recently they’ve started visiting him in dreams, too. At bedtime lastContinue reading “Of Children and Monsters”

Practically Parenting our Equals: Religious Observance

This is the last of a series on egalitarian parenting that started here. If you are just “tuning in” it might help you to read the introduction to this series and also the posts on discipline and self control. We parent based on the premise that our children are equal to us before God andContinue reading “Practically Parenting our Equals: Religious Observance”

Practically Parenting our Equals: Self-control

This post is part of a parenting series that started with a reader question. Before reading this post, I recommend that you first read the introductory post and the post about discipline.  Something that Brian and I hear is that we have to get our kids under control. It usually happens when someone sees oneContinue reading “Practically Parenting our Equals: Self-control”

Practically Parenting Our Equals: Discipline

Truth As I said in the introductory post to this series, because we believe that our children are on their own individual journeys with God, we do not punish them. In a way, parents prepare their children for relationship with God – children who had very terrible relationships with their fathers, for example, often struggleContinue reading “Practically Parenting Our Equals: Discipline”

Practically Parenting Our Equals: Settling In

This introductory post is part of the series inspired by the reader request: I’d love for you to write about the practical working out of viewing your children as equals. Perhaps even a contrast from how you parented before!  Disclaimer The first question you might have if you’re reading this to get ideas for your ownContinue reading “Practically Parenting Our Equals: Settling In”

My Experience with Baby Wise

If you have read my post about our parenting paradigm shift, then some of this will be familiar to you. This post is a detailed account of my experience with the parenting book On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep. Please note: I have several friends whom I deeply admire asContinue reading “My Experience with Baby Wise”

Egalitarian Parenting: Our Transformation

I’d love for you to write about the practical working out of viewing your children as equals. Perhaps even a contrast from how you parented before! This amazing reader request, after my post about the equality of children, has inspired several posts. In this post I talk about how my family’s parenting philosophy was transformed. OurContinue reading “Egalitarian Parenting: Our Transformation”

How Egalitarian Marriage Affects Parenting

  I was discussing freedom in Christ with some close friends a few weeks ago and one of them, a friend who was brought up in one of the most strictly hierarchical homes I know of, wrote this: “We are all equals… Even our children. I am not their ruler, their owner, their master; theyContinue reading “How Egalitarian Marriage Affects Parenting”