The Curse of Woman and the ESV

I have often stated that this blog is not about Biblical scholarship. There are many people who have already done that way better than I could and I see no reason to attempt to repeat their work. No. This blog is about the implications of what Biblical scholarship reveals and how it affects our lives.Continue reading “The Curse of Woman and the ESV”

Headship in Context

The single biggest question Brian and I had and that we hear in regards to equal partnership in marriage is: “What about the verses that say that the man is the ‘head’ of the woman?” There is something very, VERY important missing in the traditional understanding of the concept that men are meant to beContinue reading “Headship in Context”

RWC Part IV: Bible translations

(This post will make more sense if you’ve read the first, second and third parts of this series.) The Bible is of vital importance to me, as to most Jesus lovers, I think. I have been trained as a Bible translator and we are heading towards working with a Bible translation organization in Mexico, whereContinue reading “RWC Part IV: Bible translations”