A Short Note About Wonder Woman

With about 75% of the rest of the world (it seems), I went to see Wonder Woman last Friday with my husband. I was nervous. Would they declare her to be wonderful because she performs well according to our culture’s male ideals? Would it be a celebration that women can be just as destructive as men? And so on.

Happily, none of my concerns turned out to be true. I found it to be, in general, a pretty great super hero movie, and one which I will likely watch again someday.

There are many articles and reviews about this movie. I do not want to rehash all that other people have said, probably better than I could. However, I haven’t yet seen anyone mention what I thought was one of the most striking aspects of Diana’s behavior. (This is not to say that no one has mentioned this – just that I have not seen it.)

When Diana encounters sexist behavior, she acts like it is weird. She doesn’t get defensive or flustered or upset at all. She maintains her awareness that she belongs wherever she is. Her presence is normal. The sexism is a peculiarity. She doesn’t have to fight for her right to be wherever she is because she already has that right, whether everyone recognizes that or not.

And I really liked that.

Sisters, if God calls us to leadership, we have a right to be in the leadership of our churches and homes. God gave us that right when He created us in His image, MALE AND FEMALE. God gave us that right when He poured His Holy Spirit on all flesh, SONS AND DAUGHTERS. Although it is not common, shared leadership between men and women is what’s normal in the kingdom of God.

May we cultivate deep awareness of His norms in our hearts.

Published by Nikki Holland

I am a Quaker wife, mother, pastor, and writer. I work as the country branch director of a fabulous NGO in Belize City and I recently graduated with an MDiv from Earlham School of Religion. I love my family, and I love my community.

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