RWC Part III: Marriage Support

(This post will make more sense if you have read the first and second parts of this series.) I would like to repeat my statement that I have loved the churches I’ve attended, and I have deeply respected all my pastors. They have, without exception, been seekers of the face of God, and they have,Continue reading “RWC Part III: Marriage Support”

RWC Part II: Backup Singer

(This post will make more sense if you’ve read the first post in this series.) Let’s start by talking about women’s ability to minister in our churches. We’re not going to talk about anything controversial, like a woman ministering as a pastor or an elder. We’re going to talk about music ministry. I have beenContinue reading “RWC Part II: Backup Singer”

Role of Women in the Church Part I: The Question

Is the role of women in the church a secondary issue? I read an article recently that rejected the idea that the role of women is a secondary issue for the church. I was disappointed in the article itself (due to my expectations, not any flaw of the article itself) as it basically just saysContinue reading “Role of Women in the Church Part I: The Question”