About theBrokenCurse

This blog started in early 2016 as a way to encourage people who have already come to understand that God created men and women to be equal and the Spirit gifts us all and calls us each according to God’s will, with no respect to gender.

In the past few years, I have been learning that the idea of equality between men and women is just the beginning. This idea has affected every single area of my family’s life – the way my husband and I related to each other, of course, but also the way we raise our children, the way we live our faith, our careers, our friendships – equality is something that has seeped into our entire lives and way of being in this world.

There was a lull in activity on this blog after the 2016 election. Part of that was that I started seminary in January 2017 and that’s CRAZY! Hahaha! But it was mostly because I felt hesitant about the narrow focus of this blog. I no longer felt comfortable discussing only one facet of equality.

So in October 2018, we are expanding our focus. Instead of only talking about the role of women in the Christian church and home, we will be talking about equality and justice in general, however it affects our lives.

We’ll still talk about the issues that we face as we live in our churches and families (and hopefully how we resolve them), ideas for how to share the freedom in Christ we have found, and whatever other topics pop up in the intersection of men, women, and the Church. But we’ll also talk about justice issues wherever they pop up in our lives and culture. Our focus is on healing and helping and bringing the Reign of Love[1] to this world.

I’ll be on the lookout for stories of healing and redemption, equality and freedom, and peace and justice wherever I go, and I’m sharing this vision with contributors, too – I want to hear from you if you have anything you’d like to contribute, topics you’d like to see addressed, questions you have – anything!


[1] “Reign of Love” is my translation of the phrase usually translated “Kingdom of God.”

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