I write essays each week as part of my seminary studies. Usually they are not related to the topic of this blog, but the one I wrote today ended up being very appropriate. It’s short – we have a strict word limit. I think this essay could stand to be expanded. But I like it […]

Created for More

This is a post sent to me by Christal Haner, a dear friend of mine from New York. She writes about her family’s move from pastoral church ministry back to the mission field.  For those of you who know my husband, it should have come as no big surprise that God has called him into […]

Idolatry of the penis

Consent is not once. Consent is given over and over and over. A dear friend wrote an article about something that really needed to be said, even though it’s sad it needed to be said and isn’t just known — sexual consent is not given once on wedding day to last for a lifetime; sexual […]

How Equality Changed my Religion

My family/clan came out last week with the news that we have left our conservative evangelical denominations and become convinced Quakers — and we are gathering together to be a new little church! And nothing could possibly have surprised us more. Since we moved to Mexico, we’ve been searching for a church home. We went […]

Love Doesn’t Erase Women

This is a post my friend Ginna Baker and I wrote together, imagined as an interview, based on a Facebook conversation she started.   Nikki: So Ginna, I saw a post on your Facebook page this week asking your friends about their relationship to feminism: “Was there a first moment when you thought, ‘Maybe those […]

Gift of Singleness

A common side effect of living in a world where “women should be serving husbands and children” is that single women are seen as broken. Incomplete. Not quite an adult. Following is a letter that a dear friend wrote to a loved one who was having trouble understanding why my friend was not working hard […]

Does being equal make me in charge?

There’s a common misconception people have about marriages in which both spouses act with equal authority and submission. It’s that if the wife is not following her husband, she must be in front of him, pushing him around, telling him what he must do. This belief is especially pronounced around couples in which the husband […]

Why Am I Here?

“Why am I here? What is the purpose of me?” These are normal questions we expect a lot of teens to ask, and I certainly did. But I didn’t begin by asking them from a broad existential point of view. I started by questioning my gender. No, not a gender identity crisis, but a gender role […]

RWC Part V: Conclusion

(This post will make more sense if you’ve read the first, second, third and fourth parts of this series.) Sooo… Is the role of women a secondary issue in the church? Well. I have a very narrow definition of core issues. To me, it’s literally only the Gospel. And the Trinity. Everything else to me […]