About theBrokenCurse

This blog started as a post for my personal blog. I got a question in my mind – Is the role of women in the church a secondary issue? I couldn’t stop thinking about it, mainly because I didn’t know the answer. So I started writing and I kept writing until I found the answer to my question. It turned into a series rather than the simple blog post I had intended!

And I realized that after 3 years of learning about what the Bible says about gender, I still have a lot of thinking and exploring and writing left to do. And so do many other people.

This blog is not about persuading people that complementarianism (the idea that roles in the church and home are determined by gender rather than the Gifting of the Holy Spirit) is a culture, not a Biblical idea. There are many amazing websites that talk about what the Bible says about men and women in the Church. They include articles by qualified scholars proficient in Greek and ancient cultures. I cannot possibly hope to reproduce these articles any better, and I don’t want to try.

The Broken Curse encourages people who have already come to understand that God created men and women to be equal and He Gifts us all and calls us each according to His Will, with no respect to gender. We call this idea egalitarianism in this blog, though it can also be called Christian feminism (and most, if not all, of our contributors identify as feminists). We’ll talk about the issues that we face as we live in our churches and families (and hopefully how we resolve them), our reactions to new-to-us discoveries, ideas for how to share the freedom in Christ we have found, and whatever other topics pop up in the intersection of men, women, and the Church.

While this is not a platform to debate the various merits of the egalitarian belief system, we are always, always open to questions from people earnestly searching for answers. Please contact us any time with questions, ideas about topics you’d like to see a post about, or requests for resource suggestions.